EPISODE 5                           
FRIDAY, MAY 29th, 530p
                   "Invitation Only" YouTube link will be posted here Friday, May 29th, 530p
                                                   featuring Fiesta del Sol 2019
                   STAY IN THE GROOVE!
We’re looking forward to another "Atomic Groove Virtual Home Happy Hour Video” 
Friday, May 29th, 530p, Ep 5! We got SUCH a great response from the last four Episodes,
so amazing and inspiring!  We’ll post the YouTube link for Ep 5 at exactly 530p on Friday, May 29th
on this web page, on our Facebook &  Instagram, too so you can enjoy our compilation video of segments of various recent Happy Hours at the Belly Up that is the next best thing to being at a real AG Happy Hour! 

Fun Fact:

We just happen to video every single one of our Happy Hours, though it is just with one

modest digital camera set in a corner at the Belly Up (meant for our own band review purposes only,         (not meant for public consumption)…. but we edit together an hour-ish of fun, raw, totally in-the-moment 

dance happy segments that does a pretty good job of capturing the crazy, joyful dance vibe

we create at every Happy Hour, as we have done since 2004! This is what we've done for Ep 1-4.



we're so happy to announce that this Episode 5 features footage from an actual video company (!)

that live streamed Fiesta del Sol 2019, Finest City Entertainment Media. So, unlike Ep 1-4,

there are different camera angles and a professionally shot production for this version of our

AG Virtual Home Happy Hour, whoo-hoo!

Let's Groove Together

Our hope is that you won’t sit and watch but you’ll get up and actually GROOVE! It will warm our

heart to know a bunch of you might be grooving at exactly the same time on a Friday nite, just like you have many times over the years at the Belly Up!  A community that grooves together, thrives together, even virtually!!



will be available for viewing soon, stay tuned for more info!



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