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The Atomic Groove Fly Girlz are an  ensemble of professional dancers that have been hand-picked and trained to be a part of the Atomic Groove presentation. They represent a discerning blend of genuinely approachable style and dance talent to complement the Atomic Groove experience. Uniquely and specifically choreographed into Atomic Groove's delivery, ie, not just a separately hired dance troupe, the AG Fly Girlz are indeed a part of the AG band.


When considering adding even more energy, fun, movement and energy to the AG presentation,  the AG Fly Girlz are a wonderful addition.  Their sole directive is to inspire guests to want to move, which typically shows up with the audience trying to follow along with the AG Fly Girlz' user-friendly style of dance.  Fun, playful, positive, classy and spot-on, their beautiful on-stage presence amplify's the mission of Atomic Groove: to get a crowd involved and interacting on the dance floor to help make any event highly memorable, surprisingly delightful and always successful!

Inquire about how to add 2-6 Atomic Groove Fly Girlz to the Atomic Groove presentation for your event! 

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